Simple Ritual: Align Yourself to the Rythyms of Nature

What if simply getting up in the morning could connect you with the rhythms of nature, and therefore to a higher guidance that sometimes eludes us in the frenzy of daily life and a technological world?

don Oscar Miro-Quesada, world-renowned Peruvian curandero and teacher of Universal Shamanism, illumines how this basic ritual can align us with the natural world–and awaken us to what evolutionary consciousness pioneer Barbara Marx Hubbard calls “The Essential Self, which is our truest state of being.

Today, I’m inspired to share a brief Q&A between these two extraordinary visionaries. It’s an excerpt from don Oscar’s teaching during last year’s training that Barbara led with her beloved sister Patricia Ellsberg.

Listen to the clip here:

I think what you'll discover from this teaching is that Shamanic rituals do not have to be complex or something you practice outside your "regular life." Just becoming aware of the sun rising and setting can ready our bodies, psyches and souls to receive the healing and wisdom available to us through the natural world.

This begins to connect you with the journey of The Path of the Universal Shaman, in which participants will learn to awaken to your truest nature, engage potent practices and experience the incredible power of plant and animal spirit allies, who serve as guides to your Essential Self.

In taking this journey, we become more ourselves, free of ego and fear and the illusion of separation. We open our hearts to sacred acts of service, because we are part of the abundant, generative rhythms of nature and we can't help but share our love and gifts.

Enjoy the audio teaching!




Stephen Dinan, Founder and CEO,  The Shift Network





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